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STARS can helps your company to manage daily operation well with many management functions & features widely use by driving institute nation wide. STARS is 100% compliance with the Road Transport Department (JABATAN PENGANGKUTAN JALAN MALAYSIA – JPJ) guidelines.

STARS is a solution which can helps you to save your time for company daily operation and management. With STARS, you can run your cash business easily with worry!

Why Choose STARS?

  • 100% Compliance – 100% followed the Road Transport Department (JABATAN PENGANGKUTAN JALAN MALAYSIA – JPJ) guidelines and highly recommended.
  • Complete protection – Audit Trial or System Log. Any edit or delete action will be recorded in system in order to track any irregular activities done by any system user.
  • Easy to manage – deploys quickly and easily.
  • Eye on Business – any operation or activity in your eye with just one login anytime anywhere.
  • Never miss any Payment – every payment transaction will be record and can’t be delete.
  • User Management – Staffs can only perform their role task in the system with user role & group control.
  • Service Continuously – support service get ready all the time during every single operation hour.

System Key Features

  • Client server architecture design which able to handle multiple user access.
  • Unlimited user account with user group access right setting.
  • Web and windows form design.
  • No data archiving or year end process.
  • Automatic local database backup. Monthly cloud backup to remote location.


  • System is able to handle both manual or read MYKAD registration. STARS is compliance with the latest EBA MYKAD.

Billing (POS)

  • Billing – a special POS system which design specially for driving institute.
  • Able to handle for direct customer, agent or franchise method.
  • Compliance with SST or GST requirement.
  • Custom design receipt layout to fit your driving institute image.


  • Bio-metric finger scan verification with MYKAD for attendance KPP01 and KPP02.
  • System can download the computer test result automatic from the help desk portal.
  • System provide manual enter data or using finger scan method to capture attendance for KPP03, QTI, JPJ Test, PSV, and GDL. 100% compliance with JPJ regulations.
  • KIOSK attendance – an ideal option if you having manpower issue to handle the counter process. Just let the instructor and student process the record with the KIOSK machine.

Certificates & Reports

  • Over 200++ reports ready in system. If you need any report which not available in the system, WE will add on the report for you for FREE as long as the data is capture inside the system.
  • System also ready with all types of forms and certificates such as JPJL1, L2A, L2B, L2C, SM4 and so on.
  • ISO reports and JPJ grading reports is ready in system.

Instructor & Vehicle Management

  • Instructor (SM2) and vehicle (SM3) information is able to record in system for attendance blocking and expire date reminder alert.
  • Instructor (SM2) debt control management.
  • Vehicle (SM3) petrol, repair & maintenance management.

KPP4U & Vocational4U

  • System integrate with both the online portal to generate access id and password.
  • KPP4U is an online platform for anyone who want to get driving license to do online practice for KPP01 theory test.
  • Vocational4U is an online platform for anyone who want to get vocational license (GDL/PSV) to do online practice for the theory test.

Customer Service

  • To record customer complain, investigate, and follow up to help customer to solve the problems.
  • Sending bulk SMS direct from system to remind the student about their booking status or learning progress.

Human Resource

  • Bio-metric finger scan to record the staff attendance and provide attendance record from the system.
  • System provide reports for instructor teaching records for allowance calculation.
  • System able to integrate with any HR system.

Account & Management Control

  • Management able to access the system by login the STARS from mobile or tablet from remote area to check billing, attendance or any information record in system.
  • Payment checking – No payment capture, student is not allow to enroll for class or training.
  • Billing control – Edit item price, Cancel receipt, Issue credit note, Re-print receipt, Discount and so on.
  • Management analysis chart help the management to do right decision for the business.
  • System able to integrate with any Account system.

Online Registration

  • Corporate image with dedicated domain name for website, email, and also Online Registration for Student.
  • Data will automatic synchronize into your eDriving system.
  • Ready with payment gateway to support debit card, credit card, e-banking, and also e-wallet (Grab Pay, TnG, and so on).
  • Ready with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform in web and also mobile application.
  • More features will include in the application to helps you moving towards eCommerce for driving institute industry.

Hardware Requirement


  • Windows 10 Pro above (64bit)
  • i5 Processor above
  • 8GB ram above
  • 240GB SSD above

Client Computer

  • Windows 10 Pro above (64bit)
  • i3 Processor above
  • 4GB ram above
  • 120GB SSD above

Bio-metric Finger Scan Device

  • Bio-metric Finger Scan Reader
    • IRIS BCR200DTP
    • Sagem Morpho MSO1350
    • Integrity CID308

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