KPP4U is an online platform which designed to provide simulation exam for KPP01 theory class and provide related information regarding driving license.

The theory class which known as “KPP01” – Driver Education Course is the first theory class you need to attend in order to get a valid driving license for car or motorbike in Malaysia.

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Vocational4U is another online platform to provide simulation exam for vocational driving license in Malaysia.

There are 2 types of vocational driving license in Malaysia which is GDL (Goods Driving License) and PSV (Public Service Vehicle).

Goods Driving Licence (GDL) a licence to drive any commercially registered vehicle used for transporting goods such as Rigid Lorries, Articulated Lorries, Panel Vans and other vehicles.

Public Service Vehicle (PSV) is another type of vocational licence that allows the holder to drive any commercial vehicle used for paying passengers such as Taxis, eHailing, Window Van and Buses.

In order to get the valid license, you need to attend the theory class and also pass the theory class exam. Some class of license will need to have practical training and test.

You can do simulation exam practice in this online platform so that you can have a better understand about the theory class and helps you to pass the theory exam in the first attempt.

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