eTesting System – Driving Test Automation

eTesting System is a newly research and development system by E-Driving Sdn Bhd for Driving Center. Electronic Testing & Training Solution utilize the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) Technologies and with the combination of Car’s mechanical sensor, CCTV and Intelligent Circuit Examination Software which made the Circuit Examination become automate and centralize control.

The system is designed to automate the evaluate process of circuit examination such as: Parking, Slop/Gradient, Three Point Turn, RAMP, S Course, and Z Course. The examination result will be projected in real-time at different examination site/unit and broadcast back to the centralize control system thus reducing the human factor, improve the accuracy of the examination, saving manpower and resources.

eTesting System Overview and Structure

The system utilize the GPS, Car Motion Tracking Formula and Virtual Line Plotting Technology to achieve auto evaluation of circuit examination in real-time.

Benefit of the system

No construction for the circuit.
Low cost and short installation time.
Able to operate in any kind of weather.
Low maintenance
Able to run training and exam at the same time.
If one vehicle break down, the other vehicle can still operate as usual.

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