JPJmySIKAP – Setting for print report from the portal

This is the guideline to print report from the JPJ mySIKAP portal.


Step by step guideline;

  1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Go to to download the JAVA run time environment and install in the computer.
  3. Download the latest JAVA and install.
  4. Go to C:\Download. Double click the installer to install JAVA run time environment.
  5. Click YES to proceed the installation.
  6. Select INSTALL to continue.
  7. Choose the recommended setting and click NEXT to continue.  
  8. Waiting for the installation process. 
  9. Click CLOSE after successfully installed JAVA. 
  10. Proceed to JAVA page to verify the installation result. 
  11. Verified JAVA version SUCCESS.
  12. Login the mySIKAP RAKAN NIAGA page.
  13. During the log in, the browser will pop up the message below. Click CONTINUE to proceed.
  14. Browser will activate the JAVA applet. Another screen will pop up. Click RUN to proceed. 
  15. After success login, please proceed to report page and test print. 
  16. Browser will pop up another screen. Click ALLOW to proceed. 
  17. If you still facing the printing problem, please check the left top corner. Click the icon and click CONTINUE ALLOWING to proceed printing report. 


  • Cannot use google chrome to access the mySIKAP portal. Chrome browser versions 42 and above. Starting with Chrome version 42 (released April 2015), Chrome has disabled the standard way in which browsers support plugins. More info.
  • Do not update the Mozilla Firefox to version 52




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